Welcome Back online

A long time ago (10+ years) I had the opportunity to be very active in technical writing. I also had the chance to collaborate with a very good engineer, Philippe Mathon, and co wrote a book on Microsoft firewalls (you remember ISA Server). That was long time ago, when I was a security MVP.

I also had the pleasure to collaborate with brilliant people such as Thomas Shinder (owner of Isaserver.org, a very technical community).

After I joined Microsoft, I continued to post my own articles on TechNet. At that time, I was cyber security expert, working a lot on the forefront brand, especially on ISA, IAG then UAG. These platforms were focusing on network security, and for IAG/UAG on “application layer” security. Then Azure started to accelerate!

One day Microsoft has decided to stop these TechNet Blog and I must admit that I became a bit lazy, and stopped writing articles.

So today, after a few years, I have decided to re-open my own blog, and again, share some thoughts with the community. I hope I will share some interesting stuff for the community.

Allow me today a “Welcome back online Fred”, for this first post.